SMART DATA STORAGE We offer a managed database service that allows you to satisfy different workloads in an optimal way: SQL, NoSQL, relational, non-relational, ascending and descending scale, input and output ... You choose.
Access a set of secure, reliable and highly available databases as a service. It does not matter if you need to migrate your own database to an open source one or a traditional database to a scalable one or you want to use your own databases in the cloud, our experts will advise and help you throughout the process.
SOCIAL MEDIA & MARKETING ANALYTICS We make use of your social media data to:
Find market insights and potential customer gaps (Audience insights)
-Classification of customer inputs in order to quantify impact of a given stimulus.
-Anticipation of market reaction before inputting a stimulus.
-Alerts and flags based on customer social media constraints.

BUSINESS ANALYTICS FOR COMPANIES The digital transformation of the company is a process that includes putting aside intuition to focus on everything that we can measure, analyze and predict with data.
From our business analytics services, we load, transform and connect the data that has been collected from different sources and systems in your company to group them and turn them into useful knowledge, valuable information that allows you to make better decisions and work more efficiently.
DATA SERVICES In the day-to-day life of any company, huge amounts of data are generated that are not used for decision-making due to ignorance of the techniques and processes necessary to extract, load and transform data into useful information.
We transform, analyze and scale data in real time to turn it into information that allows you to get ahead of your competition.
DATA MINING We make use of machine learning algorithms to extract meaningful information from your existing available data. This can be deployed as real-time solutions satisfying the specifications of the customer. DATA COLLECTION
Apart from mining your existing data, we create pipelines that enable you to rapidly incorporate the recent acquired data into the centralized database.


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