Particle Cella Solutions We focus on providing business solutions through data analytics
and high level automation. Our methodology is powered by Machine Learning
algorithms, which allows us to extract useful customer information in real time.
This ensures the correct usage of resources in order to maximise profit.
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We believe details matter

We believe in continuous improvement.

We believe in robust and long-lasting solutions.

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Looking Industry from
all angles

Instead of focusing on one area of industry, a specific market, or digital space; we employ a multi-faceted approach to rapidly help growing businesses.

Diversified your

Our experience with data analytics has us ready to meet any challenge head on. Collaborating with existing teams of all sizes and experience levels to quickly deploy pipelines.

Scope of

Big or small, simple or complex: it’s all the same to us. We excel on projects of all shapes and sizes by constantly redefining the scope and depth of reports based on our clients need.


An international business intelligence firm focused on
delivering actionable insights to give you peace of mind.
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